Lettie G. Howard Sailing Tours

Enjoy watching the sun set on the glistening water of Lake Erie as you sail aboard this beautiful wooden Fredonia schooner built in 1893 in Essex, Massachusetts. The Lettie G. Howard is believed to be the last surviving example of its type. She was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1989. All passengers must be aware that tripping hazards are unavoidable aboard sailing vessels and the highest degree of care is expected of all visitors. Proper footwear must be worn by all visitors boarding the ship. Leather sole shoes are slippery and dangerous on deck; no spike heels are permitted. PLEASE PRINT YOUR RECEIPT, IT WILL ACT AS YOUR TICKET FOR CHECK-IN AT THE DOCK FOR BOARDING. ALL SALES ARE FINAL UNLESS THE SAIL IS CANCELED BY THE OPERATOR, US COAST GUARD OR FESTIVAL.