The Gala

Join us for A Taste of Bridge Street! The Gala remains the sophisticated and stylish event you’ve come to know over the past 2 years, with a fun new twist…We will have an open concept dining experience this year to allow guests to mingle and interact more freely with each other, the food and wine. We want attendees to feel more free to move about and discuss the food, wines and whatever else comes to mind! This year’s food offerings include:

5th Street Kitchen: Fish Tacos

Bascule Bridge Grille: Italian Street-Style Porchetta

Purola’s Bridge Street Pizza: Loaded Fried Pasta

Halcyon: Duck Confit & Smoked Duck with Napa Cabbage from Briquettes Vegetable Sushi and Asian Noodle Salad

Market Provisions: Raclette with potato/onion/cornicho

Rennick Meat Market: Poutine au Poivre

Fitzgerald’s Wine Bar: Fried Bread Pudding from

Cones: Sundae Bar

*Menu Items Subject to Change